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The Healthy Hot Sauce

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I enjoy your products and would like to report a diminishing of my arthritic pain in my hands since I've become a regular user. I try to use at least a couple of teaspoons a day, and I rarely miss a day now that I have a good supply at both my residences. To be fair, I have also been applying a mixture of lavender and peppermint oils to my thumbs at night, so that might be providing some of the relief as well. 

Bill B.

This is now the only hot sauce I use! The flavor of its natural ingredients gives my cooking more than just a kick and the anti-inflammatory benefits are a great bonus!

Hoss Fitness

LOVE this Hot Sauce! Can't believe something this good for you can taste this good. In my mid-40's. Started having digestion issues a few years ago. Since I started putting The Healthy Hot Sauce on my eggs every morning, my stomach feels much better. Coincidence? I don't think so. I think it really has helped. Can't eat eggs without it anymore. 


This hot sauce rocks! Delicious, no sugars or additives and really helps with inflammation. I could feel (and see!) the difference in a matter of days. Yum!

Suzanne C.

I really liked the spiciness and left no after taste or intestinal issues. Put on burgers on the grill and they were awesome.

Mitch E.

I have always been conscious of my diet using ingredients that are anti-inflammatory. This hot sauce has blown me away with the taste, consistency and quality.

Amanda V.

Delicious! All the flavors are great and don't leave your stomach in shambles!!

Rob B.

Fighters and all other sporty active people out there, this is for you. Love the flavor, I can only handle the MiLD. For all of you that like SPiCY, this will knock your socks off for the flavor and the arrangement of spices. Should you have any inflammation in your system, this will take care of it! A healing healthy hot sauce!


Yuuuuummmmm!!! I really enjoyed the SPiCY flavor, but they are all tasty!

Jessica P.

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